Ideias para Ofertas Caseiras de Natal ( não só!)

Quarta-feira, Dezembro 15, 2010

Várias pessoas me questionam acerca das minhas ofertas, deixo-vos pois uma das minhas inspirações, o site da Martha Stewart que gosto imenso de visitar.

As imagens são retiradas do site:

A simplicidade desta oferta conquistou-me!
Uma simples caneca, que facilmente encontramos à venda, é oferecida com biscoitos caseiros lá dentro. Uma ideia facílima de executar, muito em conta e que estou certa vai agradar!
Seguem-se depois várias ideias para enfeitar frascos, e muito mais.
Gostei também da tarte de amêndoa que é oferecida com um pequeno martelo para partir, um mimo!
Ou a delicadeza dos enfeites das frascos, tudo tão simples, contudo tão elegante!
Espero que vos seja útil e ajuda a decorar os vossos presentes de Natal!

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Hostess Gift Ideas

A Mug of Cocoa Mix

For a warm gift, fill a mug with cocoa mix, then print a “Warm Wishes for the Season” stickeron adhesive paper.

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Packaged Homemade Pasta

Present homemade pasta to your host or hostess in a cellophane bag topped with our clip-art packaging and a pretty bow.How to Package Pasta

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Rosemary Trees

Use scraps of festive fabric to wrap the pots of herb plants you’ve grown over the year or purchased — turning them into decorations or holiday gifts that keep giving (as cooking herbs), long after the holidays end.

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Lace-Embellished Taper Candle

For a hostess with an eye for detail: a tapered candle embellished with a lace pattern you’ve transferred yourself.How to Make the Lace-Embellished Taper Candle

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Homemade Food Gifts

Nut Brittle Block

When giving as a gift, package this brittle block with cellophane and include a small hammer and bow.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Caramel Bourbon Vanilla Sauce

This rich-tasting caramel sauce is wonderful drizzled over ice cream for an indulgent treat.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Personalized Coffee Blend

Spice up a gift of coffee by creating a distinctive flavor, then finish with a ribbon and a decorative sticker.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Candy-Cane Marshmallows

Give out homemade treats that are great in hot cocoa — or straight from the bag. Peppermint marshmallows are easy to make; they get their red swirl from a quick marbleizing technique.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Three Fruit Marmalade

This marmalade is more like a jelly with some shreds of peel. Cut the peel thick or thin, as you like it.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

All-Purpose Spice Rub

A homemade blend of spices is a perfect little gift to stuff into a stocking or tuck in a gift basket. Deliver your mix in recycled spice shakers with a homemade label.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Cookie Compotes

Crisp anise cookies become even more memorable when they’re presented in small compotes, wrapped in sparkling cellophane, and adorned with red ribbons.How to Make Cookie Compotes

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Homemade Food Gifts

Brandied Pears

These delicious pears need about a month to absorb the brandy. Make a few jars before Thanksgiving to give for Christmas.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Popcorn Tins

Pack two kinds of homemade flavored popcorn in one bucket tin. Choose from our selection of delicious recipes.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Honey, Walnut, and Dried-Fruit Topping

Serve with yogurt, oatmeal, or toast; tie an antique silver spoon to the jar for a memorable gift.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Mulling Sachets

These spice bundles for hot cider make warmhearted gifts, and are especially fetching tied with cheerful red twine.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Gingerbread Caramel-Filled Cones

Heady with ginger, clove, and nutmeg, these gingerbread caramels make sweet stocking stuffers and party favors.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Olives with Fennel Seeds and Orange

A jar of delicately spiced olives makes a wonderful hostess gift. Choose a selection of your favorite olive varieties to share.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Quick Breads

A home-baked gift shows the best sentiments of the season. Give one of these delicious homemade breads as a special holiday present.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Holiday Drink Mixers

Spread cheer with batches of homemade cocktail mixers. Decant them into decorative bottles, available at home stores, and add a label with drink recipes and storage instructions.Make This Gift

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Homemade Food Gifts

Gingersnap Palmiers

Ginger syrup and spiced sugar make these crisp French cookies festive and fragrant.Get the Recipe

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Pie Carrier

A freshly baked pie is always a welcome gift — even more so when it comes wrapped inside this unusual but sensible container. A bamboo steamer is the ideal size to transport a pie to your hostess’s door and can hold two pies at once. After placing a lid on the steamer, secure with a piece of twill tape tied in a bow.

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Jam Gift Package

This small, thoughtful gift is a good way to thank a hostess. Wrap two loaves of your favorite crusty bread (we like French baguettes) in a linen dish towel, and top with a jar of homemade jam. Tie them together with a colorful ribbon to match the towel, securing a wooden spreader in the knot of the bow.

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Spiced Pecans

Trade in your store-bought cashews for these homemade pecans that carry a kick. Place the finished product in a jar and attach the recipe for a hostess gift with some zip.Get the Recipe

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Scented Sugars

Scented sugar adds a subtle perfume and flavor to coffee, tea, fruit desserts, or baked goods. Mix a small batch in a pretty jar for a creative and aromatic hostess gift.Learn More

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap

Use these crepe-paper wraps — inspired by amaryllis petals — to dress up amaryllis plants you give as presents.How to Make Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap

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Hostess Gift Ideas

Homemade Bread Pudding with Clip-Art Tags

Package homemade bread pudding in cellophane topped with our Kris Kringle clip-art tags.How to Make the Clip-Art Tags

5 Responses
  • Catarina
    Dezembro 15, 2010

    Já não nos podemos queixar com falta de ideias, depois de uma partilha tão diversificada como esta. Muito obrigada.

  • Sónia
    Dezembro 15, 2010

    Todas fantásticas!Todas personalizadas e fôfas!
    è preciso ter imaginação e boa vontade, depois tudo se transforma.

  • sabor e saberes
    Dezembro 15, 2010

    Excelente partilha Luísa. bjs

  • Carla Oliveira
    Dezembro 15, 2010

    Gostava tanto quando dava o programa da Martha Stewart na Sic Mulher, tentava ver sempre. São realmente ideias simples e fantásticas ao mesmo tempo.
    Obrigada por partilhares.

  • Luísa Alexandra
    Dezembro 16, 2010

    Gosto imenso das ideias de lá pois são simples de se executar, e não as acho dispendiosas.

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